An important space where, arranged in precious and accurate settings, it is possible to see and touch the entire offer of the Atma Group companies, personally testing their high value. A direct contact, synonymous with total availability, transparency and reliability.
The Poma Showroom is characterized by a progressive and constant renewal of all its spaces and environments. Fostering the evolution of furniture through details, perfumes, objects, colors that, in their entirety, reinforce a style, a concept, the value and the beauty of a composition. Naturally characterize the realizations presenting the ATMA offer with strength and elegance.
At Brugnera, a single large space of 7,000 sq.m. takes shape, later increased to 11,000 sq.m., that brings together all the manufacturing of the ATMA Group
A series of continually updated sets, that portrays the state of the art of interior design, of trends and lifestyles, through the ranges offered by each individual brand.

A place to network with the other companies of the group, but also with sellers, to hold events and meetings, and to nurture relationships.