Wood and lacquer
Wood and lacquer
The curved lines soften the design and give the bedroom a modern feel.
A natural effect
A natural effect
A living space designed to accommodate all of your possessions.
Rovere natural
Rovere natural
This finish returns in contemporary spaces

The new trends for the Maronese Acf living show new designs and special finishes. The living area expresses its desire to experiment and amaze.
Modern living
The authenticity of wood combined with lacquer
Contemporary living
The concrete effect brings modernity to the table
Classic living
The living materializes the idea of light with the new finish with golden reflections.

New design elements become part of the night: squared lines for the groups, soft shapes for the linen bed and original details for the wardrobe.
Clever functional elements and refined interiors are provided for solutions where style always has a striking personality.
A cutting-edge and aesthetically appealing solution.
Wardrobe cabins
Three concepts bestowing complete freedom of choice and different interpretation of varied settings according to type and style, whilst always upholding extreme functionality and aesthetic quality.