Just the beginning
Born the Furniture Maronese
Giovanni Polesello
Iginio Polesello
Bruno Billot
Angelo Copat
The first furniture prototypes were produced inside an old building owned by one of the partners. After only the time it had taken to get the building ready, the company moved to bigger premises, better suited for bringing in machinery to meet growing production demands.

A few employees were also taken on and Maronese started to make a name for itself. In 1967, the fi rst living room models were presented at the Italian furniture trade show “Salone del Mobile” in Milan. And this was just the start of a long success story, which continues today.
Business didn’t take off immediately, they had to get themselves and the product known. Furniture production around Pesaro or Brianza was already organised into large manufacturing companies, but in the area around Pordenone the furniture companies were just beginning to emerge: to beat the competition, the products had to be top notch.
The first living rooms by Maronese came out.

Customers examined their every fine detail. The first thing they did was to take our the drawers to check the quality of the craftsmanship, especially the dovetail joints. The furniture passed the quality tests and were displayed in shop windows across Italy, and they sold like hot cakes.
The workload increased and Maronese grew.
We start with a lot of enthusiasm and a series of 50 complete stays. We only sold one. Then we put the only party dress we had and we started to turn Italy from entrepreneurs, following our representatives. The biggest ones expected our failure, but we started selling five / six stays a week. Orders were immediately repeated and we were happy
After not even two years, in 1968, the site needed to be enlarged for the first time. It was a young company: the founding partners and the workers too, who were gradually taken on to deal with the growing number of orders.
Vittoria too was young, a living room model with simple lines designed for the new lifestyles that were becoming increasingly widespread. The 1970s were just around the corner and, alongside the big classics like Hercules, Maronese brought modernity.
Homes were increasingly becoming spaces to furnish and to live in, and furniture was no longer exclusively functional, it had to be nice to look at too.